Detail page of shipments

Date Status of Shipment Country of Destination
02-10-2020 13:22 The item has been delivered successfully ITALY
02-10-2020 11:02 The item is out for delivery
01-10-2020 03:53 The item is released by customs
30-09-2020 12:31 The item is released by customs
28-09-2020 10:10 The item is at customs
28-09-2020 02:53 The item has been processed in the country of destination
23-09-2020 10:58 The item is expected to be delivered shortly, please contact your local postal operator for more information
23-09-2020 10:58 The item has arrived in the country of destination
22-09-2020 03:53 The item is on transport to the country of destination
18-09-2020 10:26 The item is at the PostNL sorting center
18-09-2020 03:11 Consignment received at the PostNL Acceptance Centre
16-09-2020 06:46 The shipment is handed over in bulk final acceptance of the item to be confirmed
10-09-2020 01:27 The item is ready for shipment
10-09-2020 01:26 The item is pre-advised to PostNL
Shipment details: RU714169147NL
The item has been delivered successfully

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Please check the International Service Alerts to find information that current events in the world might have on the delivery of your international shipments.